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  • Our guided tours are conducted in groups with a maximum of 15 people per guide to offer a more customised service, careful, with less crowding and respecting the distances that require our current situation. We mainly work with private groups up to 8 people. Larger groups on request
  • Our visits are offered from Monday to Sunday.
  • To check availability and open groups, contact us through our e-mail
  • Request a reservation up to 8 hours before the start of the scheduled visit and we will confirm availability as soon as possible.
  • We recommend that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible, since seating is limited, thus ensuring the date and time of your interest to enjoy both the culture and your free time.
  • We ask for punctuality for the departure of the activity.
  • The historical centre of Malaga is not only pedestrian, it is also quite flat. Even so we recommend comfortable shoes, sunscreen when the weather conditions require it and a bottle of water.
  • All the tours described in the website are suitable to people of all ages, however some of them may require longer distances to walk (i.e. El Caminito del Rey or St James Way) which are reflected in the description of each tour.
  • Our tours are accessible to people of all ages.
  • Some routes are accessible to visitors in wheelchairs (The traveller will be responsible for manoeuvring his chair or the person accompanying him. In no case can our guides be responsible for mobility assistance). Contact us and we will recommend the visit/activity that best suits your needs.
  • We recommend choosing an activity according to your physical level and health condition.


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  • Respect the laws and/or regulations of the places you visit and follow an environmentally friendly code of conduct.
  • Respect nature, the local population and other members of the group
  • It will have to answer opposite to and / or opposite to third of any hurts and prejudices that could be caused as consequence of the breach of the obligations established in this Legal Notice.


Our guides and driver/guides have the responsibility and authority to make decisions that affect the success of the activity, the safety and good condition of the whole group and each of its participants. As a consequence, the guides and the drivers may ask any member of the group to leave the activity without any compensation or refund. The guide will make this decision when he or she has evidence that there is a risk to the health or life of a participant or an illegal act has been committed, or when a participant’s behaviour is putting the development of the activity, the well-being of the group or its safety at risk. It is understood that if a participant on a route chooses to voluntarily leave the group, Luxury Private Tours will not be responsible for his or her safety or any other consequences resulting from that decision.


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With our experience, we will be able to suggest special routes that cover your interests.


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All the guides in are self-employed and contribute to the Social Security.


  • The organisers of these activities will take all necessary measures for the safety of participants, but cannot guarantee complete safety.
  • The organisation cannot control the existence or behaviour of external agents that may interfere with the development of the visit, including third parties.
  • For all the above reasons we, the guides of, are not responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur during the activities.
  • The participants will assume the risks inherent in the activity and will collaborate in the correct development of the same.


  • The rates for the services offered on our website, will be expressed in the Euro currency (euros).
  • The payment of the requested service will be made after the confirmation of the reservation by us and always with a minimum of 24 hours before the beginning of the service. Payment system to be agreed between visitor and guide upon confirmation of the reservation.
  • Once the reservation has been made, the guide assigned to the visit will contact the client to inform him/her of the method of payment.
  • Any payment made to the provider involves the issuance of an invoice in the name of the registered user or the company name that the user has informed at the time of payment and visit. This invoice will be prepared by our guide present during the visit and will be given to the user once the visit is over.
  • The rates indicated next to each service include VAT. In case of any offer, discount or promotion, it will be reflected in this website and you will be able to choose it.
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  • All scheduled services are subject to changes in itinerary based on a variety of circumstances such as, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, military interventions, civil or political unrest, fires, river overflows, road closures, landslide risks, among others. In these cases, the activity will be modified if possible through an excursion or alternative route.


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