The Way Vineyards Traditions Nature Life Culture Horizons Wine Estates Gastronomy Glamour Art Tours is a group of professionals,located between Spain and Italy with 2 decades experience in the tourism business.

Dennis and Flavio are at the front of this project, with the aim to offer a customized,
private and luxury experience for individual travelers and small groups visiting either Spain or Italy.

Our goal is to go beyond the standards with a different vision of tourism. With this purpose in mind, we combine the human ethic values and the professional duties of each member of this project.

We also design programs and tours where customers can find highly qualified Local Guides, Tour Directors, experienced drivers, the finest accommodation and restaurants, hidden places, traditions and lifestyle to enjoy a personal lifetime experience.


Dennis – is an official Licensed Local Guide in Málaga, Spain. Several degrees, languages and a vast knowledge, give Dennis the degrees to be the person to know if you really wish to discover Málaga and the other gems of Spain.

Dennis the Guide, he’s considered one of the main experts of The Way of St James, El Camino de Santiago, with more than 3.000 km/1.800 miles experience!


Flavio – is an Official Licensed Tour Director and member of WSET. Year after year and tour after tour he has developed and increased his love and passion for food and wines. Where else can you find all the culture, gastronomy, traditions, lifestyle, joy of life and wines like in Italy and Spain? If you wish to discover and fall in love with these countries, Flavio is the man.